My Approach

harga cytotec bandung Is to share my adventures and experiences which have afforded me an incredible amount of experience in meeting the challenges we all have in life.  I have started over from scratch numerous times and survived a multitude of trauma and hardships. I have learned and developed processes that I can share and teach which I hope will help you become all that you wish to be. MY Vision –
For people to live and love fully at every moment, regardless of any crisis that may have happened or might happen! 

find more MY Mission –
To create a new day for any one coping with a traumatic event.  Finding peace in your heart.  Loving yourself.  Living each day with more passion and purpose.  And that’s only the beginning. You will create the life you were meant to have and find what you have to give to the world!

My Story

I am a world traveler and adventurer and I have a lot to share. Too much to tell here, but a rough summary follows.

I started out being born to a mother who let me know that I was a monster to her when I was very young, at birth even.  She was very abusive to me and I had no way of knowing how mentally ill she was, nor did the adults around us for a long time.  When I was about twelve, she tried to kill me with a butcher knife, luckily I was able to escape and I ran away.  I ran away across the country and that was the beginning of my adventures.  

While I do not have traditional degrees, I have always learned what I needed to do the jobs that I wanted to get and I competed with everyone who had the great resumes and chains of degrees.  I commanded six figure incomes in a few of my positions and for the last several decades.

As a celestial navigator and first mate and logged 44,000 sea miles on a 57′ catamaran throughout the Pacific, sadly the boat and crew were lost at sea and, so, I started over…  Many times. My sailing and jobs allowed me to develop a very diverse set of valuable skills.  I traveled the world working with other countries and producing many things. 

I suddenly left the corporate world and as I started over once again, I realized that my true calling was to help others find their way to their authentic selves and find their true calling in life.

Here I am

I look forward to meeting you!

Annie Evans

Founder & CEO Annie Evans is the founder and CEO of AnnieEvans.Me – she looks to share and teach how to live a constructive, productive and happy life and can share several ways for you to find your path and you can then share with others.

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